Candlemakers House Journal


How to burn pillar candles?

Pillar candles are made without a container such as a glass or ceramic pot so they need to be burned on a candle holder or plate to protect surfaces and catch any drips. Having said that, if burned...
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Spotlight on Rustic Pillar Candles

Our Rustic Pillar Candles are one of our most popular candles. These textured beauties are super-sized and produce a gorgeous glow. If you want a display or centre piece that'll blow your guests aw...
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Autumn 2022 Fragrances

This Autumn (in just a few days!) we'll be releasing our first seasonal scent collection - 3 fragrances that you'll find cosy and delightful. Read on to find out more about them.
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How did you start to make candles?

I mentioned in my last post that I started making candles in 2017, but I'm often asked how I got started. At first it was just for fun. I started by making essential oil candles like these, using t...
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Meet the candlemaker

Welcome to the Candlemakers House.  I thought I'd take this first opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Amy and I run Candlemakers House creating candles and curating complimentary homeware c...
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