Autumn Fragrances for Cosy Home Decor

Autumn Fragrances for Cosy Home Decor

Autumn is such a gorgeous time of year, crisp leaves, dappled sunlight, cosy evenings and of course here that means warming Autumn scents! The start of September and the coming of Autumn is one of the cosiest and loveliest times for candles. 

Here's our current pick of the best scents to give your home those cosy vibes!

Berry Hedgerow Orchard Harvest


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The first, Berry Hedgerow is an intoxicating blend of blackberries with a deep woody base and earthy green shoots. It's sweet but not sickly and smells of nature's bounty. 

The second is Last Carol which is decadent, celebratory, and comforting with familiar citrus and spice notes. It is warm and inviting and is a very popular scent, so good for gifts. 

The third is Orchard Harvest which is a lighter rich red fruit blend of berries and wild figs. It has very satisfying rounded base notes which mean that it sits well in large spaces and lingers for the full day. Great when you're having guests. 

You can use these fragrances to create a journey for the senses through your home. Perhaps using Orchard Harvest in your hallway and living room for guests to enjoy as they enter and start to relax. You can then use Last Carol in the kitchen and dining room, the hub of your home where everyone will eventually drift to come and say hello. Use Berry Hedgerow in the evening to layer with the last of Orchard Harvest to create a sophisticated yet relaxing atmosphere. 

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