Conscious Candles

Conscious Candles

What wax do you use in your candles?

Our scented candles use a blend of rapeseed and paraffin wax. Rapeseed is a crop grown across the UK and Europe that doesn't require too much water or need pesticides. This makes it a sustainable choice for candle wax. Paraffin is a by-product from the production of oil that makes a very high quality wax with excellent properties for both skincare and scented candles. It is the best wax for making a candle with a strong and consistent smell that releases fragrances as it burns. 

Do your candles burn cleanly?

Sometimes customers can be concerned that a candle that includes even a small amount of paraffin wax will give off harmful amounts of toxic chemicals when it's lit. This is a myth. Research conducted in he 1960s in America concluded that paraffin wax candles were harmful to peoples' health. That research was funded by the American Soy Bean Growers Association who have benefitted from the years of growth in soy candles that followed.

Research published by Salthammer, T. et. al. (2021) at a UK university found that in fact there is no difference in the chemicals given off by candles with different types of waxes - paraffin, soy, rapeseed - they all burned the same. The research did find that scented candles gave off more chemicals than unscented candles; this was caused by the burning of the fragrance itself. In all cases (scented and unscented and all types of wax) the amount of chemicals given off were well within safety limits. 

So what does that mean?...well that means our candles will burn without giving off toxic chemicals that will harm your health, you can enjoy the beautiful fragrance without the nasty chemicals. 

How are your candles made?

Each of our candles is made by hand in our home studio space in Bedfordshire. We do everything ourselves from designing, testing, pouring, and packaging the candles, to packaging, marketing, and everything that it takes to run the business.

Our entire business at Candlemakers House runs on 100% green energy - a mixture of solar power we generate on site and green electricity from a provider. 

Are your candles recyclable?

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable cardboard, paper, glass, and cotton. Rapeseed wax is biodegradable, but paraffin wax is not. We are currently exploring whether we can find a blend of 100% rapeseed wax that will perform as well as a mixture with paraffin, so that in future our candles may be biodegradable.
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