How to burn a scented container candle safely

How to burn a scented container candle safely

Scented candles in containers such as glass or ceramics are widely used for beautiful home fragrance and also to create a cosy, intimate, or relaxing mood. But how do you get the best from your candles, and how do you burn them safely?

If you've ever burned a candle only to find that it tunnels and there's wax left over, it produces soot or smoke, or it won't re-light, or the vessel has (heaven forbid) cracked or exploded! you need to read this.

The first thing is to check that your candle has been made by a producer that is following safety regulations. You can ask about their testing process, and you can check that the candle has a CLP label. A CLP label is more than just a warning sticker, and it should include a list of ingredients. If the candle you're looking at doesn't have this - WALK AWAY!

The second thing is to make sure the candle is in a safe place. You should remove all packaging. That's right, that lovely dust cover and any flowers have to go! Place the candle on a flat, level, heatproof surface away from children, animals, and draughts. Children and animals can be in a room with a candle but avoid grasping and tail wagging height, and keep the door open so that the fragrance doesn't become too concentrated. 

The third thing is to make sure that you're burning your candle correctly - yes there is a right way! Each time you light your candle, wipe the surface to remove any dust and use nail clippers or scissors to trim the wick to about 5mm. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time, and allow it to cool between burns. If your candle produces soot or smoke, make sure it isn't in a draught and that the wick is properly trimmed. 

That's it, it's really simple when you know how and it'll greatly improve the smell and use of your candle. 

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