Refillable candles

Refillable candles

Refillable candles are candles where the vessel can be refilled and used again, but how does it work?

At Candlemakers House we've chosen to use these gorgeous ceramic animal pots by Quail Ceramics in 3 designs: Barn Owl, Fox, and Badger. Each pot comes with your choice of candle refill.

A refill is a candle specifically designed to be put into one of our pots and burned. Once it's finished, you wipe out the pot and pop-in another refill. You can choose a different fragrance, or the same one.

Any one of our refills can be used in these 3 pots, but you mustn't burn any other candle in them, or burn one of our refills in any other container. While the refills looks like pillar candles that can be burned without any container, they are not, and should not be burned this way. 

You can also chose to use the pot for something a pen pot, for make-up brushes, as a plant pot etc. 

These candles come in a beautiful dark olive green gift box with gold details, and make a fantastic gift. 

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